What Basics Should Be In My Wardrobe?

by Richmond Truex

A solid navy suit is a man’s best friend.  He can wear this to any event: weddings, parties, funerals, conferences, and meetings.  This is a core component to a gentleman’s wardrobe.  Mix wearing dress shirts and ties to create your own look.  A tuxedo is the second component which can be worn for a number of galas, parties, fundraisers, and balls.  And if a gentleman attends 3 or more events a year outside of the holidays, he would be a fool to rent one.  It is always refreshing to men when a tuxedo fits as well as the navy suit.  He will gain much pride and joy in the regalement of the formal accoutrements.

A navy blazer is an essential coat for a gentleman’s wardrobe.  He can wear this year round and with any pant; except navy or black.  Cotton casual trousers, linen, wool and wool flannel can all be worn with the navy blazer depending on the time of year.  Mix wearing dress and sport shirts with selected trousers.  And even a tie can be worn.  A classic look such as pinstripes should be in every man’s wardrobe.  A charcoal pinstripe or chalk stripe can be incredibly useful. This is a great core suit to add to suits for daily for daily wear: solid navy, charcoal stripe, then maybe a navy stripe or solid charcoal. Then you add a Prince of Wales pattern or a bankers gray stripe suit into the mix.  The enjoyable part is you can pick and choose what basic suits you want in your wardrobe to reflect your lifestyle and personality.

You will then need dress shirts & ties to wear with the suits and trousers to wear with the blazer.  Wear the ultra traditional white button down shirt with the navy blazer.  Other dress shirt open collared , and French cuff shirts, will come off better with the suits. And you can make a blazer look incredible with a French cuff shirts.  And then always add the colors- the ever useful blue dress shirts, pinks, purples, stripes and patterns.  Have fun trying colors and what you like, but the deadliest colors are white and blue.

The two best trouser colors to wear with a navy blazer are khaki and blazer gray. Both are ideal in tropical or year round wool fabric I can that most men will wear to the office or golf course.  A third ideal trouser is the timeless cotton khaki in a light weight or year round fabric.  For some men these are too casual, others think they are the golf course uniform.  You will then want to wear dress shoes with the suits in a lace up style.  Your slip on shoes are going to be ideal for the sportcoats and blazer.  Wear these shoe styles in the mid brown, tans, and dark brown which look the best.  Wear black tuxedo shoes with your black tuxedo only.  Try not to wear the black shoes with the navy or charcoal suits most men show this pairing.  And your belt and shoes must always match colors, no matter what.

You should also add a great looking sport coat in a camel color, a tweed jacket, or a multi colored district check.  These additions will give versatility to your basic trousers and dress shirts. And you can. Add variety to what you already have in your wardrobe.  For those times when a jacket is too formal, wear an handsome cashmere v neck sweater.  Ultra soft for comfort and durability, enjoy these colors in a strong color palette.  And finally, add sport shirts to wear casually with the trousers or dress them up with the navy blazer.  Be careful of the patterns when you start mixing and matching.  Due to the quality in the basics, you can wear these effortlessly for a long time.  Have fun.

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