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Our tailored jackets and suits are cut from British and Italian fabrics that are made in America and can be tailored for the perfect fit. The finest clothing is tailored in a timeless silhouette that speaks of American style. Oxxford, Hickey-Freeman and Southwick made to order the fine clothing, blazers and tuxedos. All of these companies use excellent fabrics of very good taste, that fit extremely well and are made to high standards. Come see the best looks of the season.

Oxxford Clothes

Jacob and Louis Weinberg founded Oxxford Clothes in 1916 with a mission to establish the standard by which all men’s tailored clothing is judged. The Weinbergs were determined that no possible fineness in craftsmanship or material be overlooked in the achievement of that purpose. Today, the Oxxford mission remains unchanged. Since 1916, the world’s leading men have worn Oxxford for its elegance and character. Early on, gentlemen such as Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Walt Disney, and Joe DiMaggio chose Oxxford, and to this day, Oxxford’s client list reads like a “Who’s Who” of the world’s gentlemen. Today, men can still turn with full confidence to Oxxford Clothes, an institution which remains fully committed to its original mission: tailoring the clothing by which all others are judged.



 Hickey Freeman

That’s what everyone calls it: the Temple to Fine Tailoring. Two young entrepreneurs named Jacob Freeman and Jeremiah Hickey built it in the early years of the 20th century. Their plan was to bring high-quality hand-tailoring to men from coast to coast. As they envisioned it, a Hickey-Freeman suit would be a testament to both the delicate artistry of hand craftsmanship and the steady consistency of modern technology. Their idea turned into an epic American success story. Men of style and achievement have, for generation after generation, turned to Hickey-Freeman for authenticity and quality, elegance and innovation. They still do.



The Temple – a 77,000 square foot factory in Rochester, NY – is where it all happens. Tailors from around the world gather in Rochester’s sartorial sanctuary to set sleeves and stitch collars and roll lapels. Each tailor has a different specialty, but they all have a common goal: to create suits that represent the very pinnacle of American tailoring. For decades, anyone who stepped into the Temple saw the phrase “Keep The Quality Up” carved into the oak entryway. “Keep The Quality Up” was the Hickey-Freeman motto – and its mission statement. It still is.


Since 1929, Southwick’s business philosophy has been firmly grounded in the singular vision of its founder – a love of quality and craftsmanship. Made in the USA, Southwick is synonymous with American style, natural shoulder comfort, quality and fine fabrics. Worn by presidents, ambassadors, corporate leaders and other men of distinction who chose Southwick to enhance their own style, not to replace it, Southwick represents understated elegance and quality workmanship. Nicholas and Vito Grieco immigrated to the US from a small Italian village. These hard workers ran a suit pressing business in Brooklyn, NY. They evolved their tailoring skills and mass production techniques through World War I. Through honing their master tailoring skills, they never lost their zeal and founded Grieco Bros. in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1929. Their custom made suits embodied a British ideal toward tailored clothing with the natural shoulder. This was iconoclastic during the 1920s when fashion demanded extremes. The shoulders dictated extreme padding, severe tapering into the waist, and deep pleats. This 1920s look became trendy; but the natural shoulder has endured to become classic. Customers turn to Southwick not just because the look is right, but also because the craftsmanship provides enduring value – an important consideration when investing in a suit. Southwick’s clothing reflects the natural shoulder philosophy that your clothes should look like you – not us.