Our Credo

By Richmond Truex

Cary Grant was not born Cary Grant, but Archibald Leach.  We look back on his life & career and he managed to be effortlessly stylish and elegant.  But how did he go from Archibald to Cary Grant? Everyone learns in life that Cary Grant is the epitome of Sartorial style.  His personal tailor dressed him and educated him in the Sartorial basics.  Then, he experimented with what he liked and dared to be risky.

    Are you daring?  Do you like to take risk?  If you don’t dare to be different and an individual, then you will dress like everyone else.  Be yourself to express that individuality.  At Bruce Baird & Co., we love to teach men, young and old, the virtues of sartorial style.  We will take what you know and expand your knowledge, encouraging you to experiment with color, pattern, and fit.

    Cary Grant was a man of character as well as a man of style.  Grant learned and developed his sense of character through his shopping experiences with his Saville Row tailor, and like those tailors, we use only the finest cloth.  The wool and lamb as our symbol, serve as a reminder to each and every customer that we are committed to selling only the highest quality men’s clothing; both in material and workmanship.

    Service is the foundation of our values and we will do anything we can to help our customers.  From personal fittings, to sartorial education and guidance, we want to help in the establishment of every gentlemen’s character.

    Elegance gives the wearer confidence and the look of someone not trying too hard.  Learn this elegance through your successes and failures of dressing.  Don’t dress like every other man, become yourself.  We look to Cary Grant as our role model for character, elegance, and style.  Find your inner Grant and develop your character.  We will assist you along this journey and in your transformation toward elegant style.

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