Now What Do I Do Since I Graduated? How Do I Dress?

by Richmond Truex

May is the time for graduations and Mother’s Day.  Whether its graduating from law school, high school, or college, men are unsure of how to dress for the next step.  When its an interview for the desired law firm, school program of choice or the first job, less is more.  The more modest you dress the better for these interviews.

The solid navy suit is a man’s best friend.  You may have heard this before and it is so true.  He can wear it to weddings, funerals, and interviews. Its good in some cases to wear as an optional tuxedo when the event states black tie optional.  You new graduates need to dress in the wardrobe basics.  And “What are the basics?” you might ask.  I tell every gentleman the four core basic suits are 1. a solid navy 2. a navy stripe 3. a solid charcoal and 4. a charcoal stripe.  You can add other suit colors along the way and seasonal, but these four are the best place to start.  And in the beginning to really round out your basics is a timeless navy blazer; and maybe a sportcoat.  Then shirts are very important, the basic whites and blues.  Most men stick with the ultra classic white button down.  You can even throw in a blue stripe or pattern.  And don’t forget dress trousers in khaki wool and grey- charcoal or blazer grey. With all these core pieces, gentlemen can mix and match in countless combinations; experiment with what you like.

Then we get into ties, both personal and colorful.  Each mans taste level varies without measure, but I won!d still have a fancy blue tie, yellow stripe and red polka dot tie.  These ties are core color and core patterns that look equally dressy.  And when less pattern is more dressy, where these until you get the job.

What happens after I get the job?  The classic tale of dressing conservatively goes a long way in the beginning.  Then add some color after you’ve been at the job for some time.  As you move up in seniority, you have developed a personal style your boss and colleagues have accepted.  Keep it up and dress well to impress.

Shoes are the missing key that men can overlook.  Its so important to wear great looking, comfortable shiny shoes.  Yes, polish the shoes.  Nothing looks worse than wearing a great suit, shirt and tie combination; and then the shoes are dirty.  The new norm is not shiny black shoes, but all the shades of brown.  Shiny tan, cognac, and dark brown look dynamic with all the core suits.  Save the black shoes for your black tuxedo.  Most men, however dress in black lace ups no matter the suit color.  Wear lace ups with suits and slip one with the sportcoats and blazers.

And keep adding to your wardrobe. Trousers with the navy blazer and sportcoats; year round at first then seasonal. Practice doing this over and over again to become easier.  You will learn what looks good together.  Even experiment with color, but be slow and modest. Suits in charblue and pearl grey will only further demonstrate your taste level and personality.  And by then you will know when to wear what.

“One pretends to do something, or copy someone or some teacher, until it can be done confidently and easily in what becomes one’s own manner.”.

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