The History Behind Trunk Shows

By Richmond Truex

Before the roaring 1920’s, clothing manufactures would send their representatives across the county selling their apparel.  The representatives brought trunks, filled with clothes, samples, and swatches to better men’s stores in the US.  Gentleman loved viewing the samples, fabric swatches, and models.  Single pieces or whole wardrobes would be bought for the season.  This practice continued for years with great success.

 As the business has evolved, and with modern looming technologies, companies send fabric swatches directly to their retail partners throughout the year – taking the headache out of trying to see an entire companies collection in one day.  Also, it has freed up the clothing representatives to take questions, tell us about promotions, and bring limited or exclusive fabrics when they visit.

Please join us this spring for our Special Showings of Made in America clothing.  Gentleman will be able to meet company representatives, hear about new promotions, and order garments from new or exclusive fabrics.  For our existing customers, it’s a great time to order suits, sport coats, trousers, a tuxedo, dinner jacket, or waist coat – and if you haven’t made it in yet – it’s the best time of year to come see what we are all about.   So, come in during these special showings and select a truly special garment.


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