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“What’s New for Fall”

by Richmond Truex You walk outside. Wham! The humidity hits you like a truck. You start to sweat in two steps. Its 90 degrees, summer in Chattanooga. Now picture this. 30 degree cooler weather. No humidity with football in full swing and you can hear leaves rustling in the wind. Welcome to fall! You will… Read more »

Now What Do I Do Since I Graduated? How Do I Dress?

by Richmond Truex May is the time for graduations and Mother’s Day.  Whether its graduating from law school, high school, or college, men are unsure of how to dress for the next step.  When its an interview for the desired law firm, school program of choice or the first job, less is more.  The more… Read more »

ANKLE DECOR . . Socks or no socks.

By Richmond Truex Tis spring. . . The season warm weather, baseball games, golf, and walking barefoot at the park.  You will be wearing the khaki pants, linen trousers or cotton shorts with loafers or a saddle shoe. But will you be wearing socks?  The general rule is yes. However, there are always exceptions.  We… Read more »

What’s new for Spring 2016?

By Richmond Truex While the weather may be frigid and frightful outside, inside Bruce Baird, we are warming up to the warm spring. Coming are the days of 70s with cool breezes. And we have the clothes to wear from trousers and sport shirts to sportcoats and suits. We can dress gentlemen from a round… Read more »

What Basics Should Be In My Wardrobe?

by Richmond Truex A solid navy suit is a man’s best friend.  He can wear this to any event: weddings, parties, funerals, conferences, and meetings.  This is a core component to a gentleman’s wardrobe.  Mix wearing dress shirts and ties to create your own look.  A tuxedo is the second component which can be worn… Read more »

“Why Do Most Men Dress Like Slobs?”

By Richmond Truex Why can’t men dress well?  Women have wondered this for decades.  And when offered every opportunity to learn, take interest and change these habits, they scoff and revert back to their uniform.  Why can’t they show up properly dressed for a job interview, family barbeque or a dinner with a client?  These… Read more »

Our Credo

By Richmond Truex Cary Grant was not born Cary Grant, but Archibald Leach.  We look back on his life & career and he managed to be effortlessly stylish and elegant.  But how did he go from Archibald to Cary Grant? Everyone learns in life that Cary Grant is the epitome of Sartorial style.  His personal… Read more »

How To Take Care Of Your Suit

By Richmond Truex What’s the biggest myth of taking care of a suit? Get the suit, suit pants or suit jackets cleaned every time you wear it.  Men get clothes cleaned too much.  I’m not talking about dress shirts or sport shirts.  The confusion stems from the suit pant or jacket being wrinkled.  They are… Read more »

“How’s Your Navy Blazer?”

                     by Richmond Truex Every gentleman has his go to outfit.  Usually this includes a navy blazer with dress khakis or grey slacks and a white button down shirt.  You can vary this ensemble with other patterned pants and shirts.  This versatility of wearing a blazer… Read more »