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Our Credo

By Richmond Truex Cary Grant was not born Cary Grant, but Archibald Leach.  We look back on his life & career and he managed to be effortlessly stylish and elegant.  But how did he go from Archibald to Cary Grant? Everyone learns in life that Cary Grant is the epitome of Sartorial style.  His personal… Read more »

How To Take Care Of Your Suit

By Richmond Truex What’s the biggest myth of taking care of a suit? Get the suit, suit pants or suit jackets cleaned every time you wear it.  Men get clothes cleaned too much.  I’m not talking about dress shirts or sport shirts.  The confusion stems from the suit pant or jacket being wrinkled.  They are… Read more »

“How’s Your Navy Blazer?”

                     by Richmond Truex Every gentleman has his go to outfit.  Usually this includes a navy blazer with dress khakis or grey slacks and a white button down shirt.  You can vary this ensemble with other patterned pants and shirts.  This versatility of wearing a blazer… Read more »

The History Behind Trunk Shows

By Richmond Truex Before the roaring 1920’s, clothing manufactures would send their representatives across the county selling their apparel.  The representatives brought trunks, filled with clothes, samples, and swatches to better men’s stores in the US.  Gentleman loved viewing the samples, fabric swatches, and models.  Single pieces or whole wardrobes would be bought for the… Read more »

We are Bruce Baird.

Over the past 26 years, we have been located in the historic James Building in downtown Chattanooga, TN.  This wonderful location is convenient for most, but not all our clients.  Here at Bruce Baird & Co., we understand that men are busier than ever before.  Family, work, and travel often take priority, as they should,… Read more »