ANKLE DECOR . . Socks or no socks.

By Richmond Truex

Tis spring. . . The season warm weather, baseball games, golf, and walking barefoot at the park.  You will be wearing the khaki pants, linen trousers or cotton shorts with loafers or a saddle shoe.

But will you be wearing socks?  The general rule is yes. However, there are always exceptions.  We recommend men be conservative and match the color to the trouser. This is a good rule of thumb to stay modest in dress and not be too flashy.  Then there are men that love flashy and are not modest.  Men have been wearing bright socks for some time that cover the color wheel.  Some wear a brighter shade of the trouser  ( light blue with navy or pearl grey with charcoal) or match the shirt.  The experimentation with color allows men to express their individuality and personal style.  It is an often overlooked aspect of dressing.  Half the men wear one color sock with every pant. The other half don’t really experiment with color.  Therefore, you see a small number of those choosing to try new colors and be bold.

Some people call these men dandys or an oddball for dressing well and with color.  You always remember a well dressed man, not the ordinary.  Why be ordinary?  Be extraordinary and a confident dresser who happens to like color.  And those who do know what looks good together have done so for a long time.  And these men sometimes elect not to wear socks.  This is accomplished easily with resort casual, casual or business casual.  However, it can be more difficult to not wear socks when wearing a suit or sport coat.  Few occasions call for this, unless you are in the south.  These men tell me they hate the feel of socks.  And while this may be true, a wool sock is the best sock for year round wear because of its wicking away moisture ability.

I still wear socks every day.  And if it’s too hot to wear socks, I’m usually not at work.  And that’s the point.  Socks at work only add to doing your job well and professionalism.  You’ve never seen a slob and thought they were professional.  So gentlemen, wear socks and some color.  Unless you are at the beach.  Then get your toes in the sand.

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