How To Take Care Of Your Suit

By Richmond Truex

What’s the biggest myth of taking care of a suit? Get the suit, suit pants or suit jackets cleaned every time you wear it.  Men get clothes cleaned too much.  I’m not talking about dress shirts or sport shirts.  The confusion stems from the suit pant or jacket being wrinkled.  They are often dry cleaned when all the garment needs is to be pressed.  We tell men to PRESS ONLY.  We can spot clean the garment and press it.

Brush the clothing with a straw brush on a regular basis to keep dust and grit from accumulating in the fabric.  This brushing can cut in half the amount of times you would otherwise clean the garments.

If you get caught in the elements, and your garments become wet, then allow it to dry naturally at room temperature.  Nothing is worse for a wool garment than when it’s wet or washing it.  The washing- not dry cleaning- will shrink the wool and washes out some natural lanolin in the fabric.  Dry cleaning washes out more natural lanolin but will not shrink the wool.  This is the reason over dry cleaning causes the suit to feel “stiff & boardy”.  The wool cannot recover from the dry cleaning processes, so less is better.

Always hang up the suit back on the hanger after wearing on a broad shoulder hanger.  If you are traveling with a suit and it is extremely wrinkled, hang near a hot shower for no longer than 30 minutes.  Any longer than 30 minutes and it will exaggerate the wrinkles.  The steam will help restore the natural moisture of fine people’s and remove those wrinkles.  One hour would become a mess.  


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